Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Local Teacher's Perspective

I recently heard back from an interview with Sharyn Papet, M.S.Ed., an early childhood special education teacher. One of the questions I asked her yielded a great response about specific ways in which students with different learning needs can use technology to meet their educational goals; here's what she said:

"Students can best use technology:
a. to write and spell their name with a computer if they have fine motor issues limiting their use of a pencil (more traditional form of writing)
b. to communicate using a VOCA (voice output communication device) like the I-PAD instead of being frustrated, not being able to share feelings, responsd to questions, etc.
c. to increase attention of some students with special needs as their is instant gratification, multi-sensory programming, immediate feedback, visual stimuli, one-on-one learning opportunities, as well as rote-drill and instruction available with both the I-PAD and the Smartboard."

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